Raised in a musical family, Annique was singing before she could even speak, and began composing harmonies with her sister when she was just five years old. She formalised her vocal education a few years later at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London, networking and learning to perform live in front of a large audience. This experience, combined with Annique’s instinct for harmonising and enhancing songs, led to a career as a much sought-after backing singer, working with some of her favourite artists such as Gorillaz and Mike Skinner.

After being introduced to multi-instrumentalist Koby Israelite through a mutual friend and realising they could spark up an electric collaboration, Koby and Annique teamed up to work on a series of songs which became their magnificent debut album Heads Up, due out on German label Asphalt Tango in early 2015.

Drawing on Koby’s gypsy and eastern influences as well as Annique’s deep jazz heritage which ranges from Ella Fitzgerald to Chaka Khan, the duo’s collaboration features ‘french café’ vibes, bittersweet pop and heartfelt soul. Songs such as ‘Fallin’’ have infectious energy and a striking melody, while others like ‘Fly Little Bird’ pack emotive punch with an eerie twist.

Having performed all over London, Annique’s popularity is set to skyrocket with the release of Heads Up which will be a powerful launch to her solo career, and an opportunity for this promising singer to step out of the shadows into the limelight which she deserves.

Love Of My Life

Never Forget The Times

Loved Not Understood


It’s Life

No Man’s Land

London’s Burning

Far From Home

Fly Little Bird


Safe As Stone

Heads Up

So Many C**ts